Brasil Plural is a financial group created by professionals who own a successful history in Brazil's capital market, as well as strong relationships with Brazilian companies and financial institutions. Founded in November 2009, today, the Group employs approximately 600 professionals and has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, in addition to its affiliate in New York.


    Our mission is to offer clients a modern and innovative platform of products and financial advisory, making a set of solutions feasible. From strategic decision-making to investment alternatives, solutions are tailored to each client's needs, always meeting the most rigorous standards of ethics and quality.


    We aim to be a complete client-focused Multiple Brazilian Bank, by means of an entrepreneurial and creative attitude in a meritocratic, safe and technological environment, growing together with our clients, and contributing to the creation of an ethical and democratic society.


    Brasil Plural core values are respect for clients, ethics, innovation, meritocracy, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, and commitment to a corporate environment that motivates its contributors and enables them to maximize their talents and skills. To learn more about our corporate culture, access the:



    For Brasil Plural, transparency is essential when managing a business. Ethical conduct is an obligation and premise for Brasil Plural in its relationships with internal professionals, clients and the society.


    Brasil Plural offers companies and investors a differentiated alternative, playing the role of a provider of innovative financial solutions. Its professionals develop strategic and customized solutions, prioritizing the interests and needs of each single client.



    Brasil Plural's technology and systems infrastructure are always up-to-date with the highest standards of quality and safety.



    Brasil Plural believes in the entrepreneurial potential of its clients and conveys such value to its contributors. At Brasil Plural, talents are rewarded directly for their hard work, commitment and results brought to our clients and, consequently, to the Group.



    For Brasil Plural, the client is the core of its business. Clients find an environment and a philosophy which understand that the results of the Bank must be a direct consequence of the successes achieved by its clients.


    Brasil Plural looks after its solid capital structure and exceptional ability to manage risks. The Group adopts practices and policies always in compliance with the most rigorous standards of ethics and quality.